About Us

“We have a dedicated staff of creative professionals here at CMG with the desire to help with any marketing solutions you may need. We see our clients more as partners so when you succeed, so do we,” Michael Trautt, owner of CMG Creative.

This quote from our owner, Michael Trautt, really sums up our perspective and approach at CMG Creative. We are a team of designers, production artists, photographers, photo retouch/color, videographers, programmers and creative thinkers who are motivated to meet your needs.

Whether this requires photography, videography, web site creation, marketing collateral conception and design or mobile app integration – the CMG Creative team has the skills, knowledge and creativity.

We have been serving our clients since 1996. A quick browse of our work and our clients reveals the depth of our experience and ability to evolve with the demands of the industry. We were working online in the early days of the Internet and have grown to become one of the premier design and creative teams in the industry.

As a result of these experiences, we expanded in 2011 creating Troy Apps Software. Troy Apps Software takes the traditional sales and marketing tools of printed collateral to the next level with our Mobile Sales Tool, Mobile Training Tool and Digital Asset Manager (DAM) – making your collateral digital and mobile. Our native iPad apps have transformed traditional print catalogs and training material into interactive mobile apps.

Our team is committed to creating the quality you need on time and on budget. Whether you have a preconceived idea or need help developing one – we’re here to make your message clear, distinct and impactful. You will realize your marketing goals with CMG Creative.