Digital Asset Management


Completely Web Based
Compatible with all modern web browsers on Windows and Mac.

Quick & Easy Search
The Search panel is available on every page allowing rapid searching.

Intuitive User Interface
A visually rich, user focused interface supports accessing and organizing resources.

Multiple Users
Unlimited number of users can be defined with unique privileges.

Corporate Branding
DAM includes branding with your corporate logo and colors.

User Defined Collections
Every user can define their own collections or groups of assets that are recalled at any time and easily shared with others.

Contact Sheets
Contact Sheets can be created from any Collection. Just a few clicks will download a Contact Sheet PDF.

Batch File Editing & Uploading
Easily work with metadata for large groups of resources. Upload large resource sets using nothing but your web browser.

Auto Previews & Conversion
Automatic file previews and conversion for hundreds of document formats.

Watch this video for an overview of features found in the CMG Digital Asset Management Software Solution